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Information Expat Centre Leiden

Welcome to the region of Leiden! You've arrived at a location that's got a lot to offer. In the region, you can expect good working conditions, a high quality of life, an attractive living environment and a good social climate. In this e-learning, we'll give you the necessary information to start off your stay pleasantly in this new -and perhaps unfamiliar- environment. What facilities are available for you as an expat? What could you do and which beautiful spots are definitely worth a visit? You'll find the answers to those questions right here.

The Expat Centre Leiden (ECL) offers government services, information and provides a network for internationals living or working in the Leiden region. Internationals can be registered by making an appointment, receive a BSN and receive information about living in the Netherlands.

In this Expat Introduction by the Expat Centre Leiden, you will get to know the Leiden region. It’s meant for internationals who want to learn more about living and working in this region. In between, we'll throw a few questions your way to test your knowledge so far.

Best of luck!

Estimated time: 0:15
Minimum score for certifcate: 60
Closing Date: 31-12-2019

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